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Browse our selection of Scrapbooking...

Scrapbooking Store up to 16 cartridges or other tools in this convenient storage case with removable trays. The Super Satchel measures 14x15x2 inches.
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Browse our selection of Knitting & Crochet...

Knitting Make scarves, hats and more like a pro with this pocket knitter kit! No knowledge of knitting necessary!
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Browse our selection of Fabrics...

Fabric This 25 yard spool holds 6" wide tulle. It's perfect for bridal crafts, decorations and gift wrapping!
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Browse our selection of Crafts...

Crafts Create key chains ponytail holders bracelets and more with this kit from KLUTZ!-
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Browse our selection of Paints & More...

Paints Get creative with these paper mache boxes! Fill with silk or dried flowers, use as a cookie or candy container for gift giving, or create your own decorative storage containers!
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Browse our selection of Sewing and Quilting...

Sewing and Quilting Frog closures offer unique, decorative closure solutions for clothing, handbags and more! Easy to apply with just a few stitches by hand or machine.
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Browse our selection of Needle Arts...

Needlearts Must Be Santa Advent Calendar Felt Applique Kit 13" x 25" BUCILLA-Felt Home Decor Kit.
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Browse our selection of Art Supplies...

Art Supplies This tin is full of all the great things you need to enjoy your art. A great kit at a great value!
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Browse our selection of Pet Supplies...

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Gelly Candle Wax 25oz-Clear

Gelly Candle Wax 25oz-Clear

ValuPrice: $12.59
109 in stock
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Gelly Candle Wax 25 Ounces-Clear RBC INDUSTRIES-Gelly Candle Wax. Make home decorator candles quickly and easily with Gelly Wax! This package contains 25oz of Gelly Wax. Instructions for melting are printed on the package label. Note: Do not heat wax in microwave. Made in USA.